Church Without Walls: Sunday Message

 The greatest producer of Atheists is not Atheism but toxic Christianity. John James Kirkwood explores how much of Christendom is built on fear and loathing, how doubt is treated and mistreated in Christian circles, and the joy of the slippery slope outside of Plato's Cave. 

About Us

Our Goal


Our goal is to respond to the Father's call to be our brother's keeper. To leave the 99 and go after the 1. To leave the field of the Father and venture into the 'far country' to help our brothers and sisters find their way home. Not back to "the church" as an institution but back to the family of God, back to the dinner table. We believe that the center of growth in Church history has never been a where and a when but a who. Church is not a brick and mortar walled experience for one hour a day, one day a week. Church is the out-called of the Great Shepherd and should never be defined, constrained, or marginalized by unnecessary obstacles formed by the flesh. So, what if we removed all those unfruitful obstacles that blur the perception of the lost? What if we don't frighten them off with particulars that don't matter? What if mere Christianity was our central focus of evangelism?

Our History


John and Wendy Kirkwood left a pulpit in Chicago after twenty years to answer a call to minister to the disaffected: those who would never enter a church setting. Some have been traumatized by their relationship to the church, some find Christians to be narrow-minded and obnoxious, and some come from completely secular backgrounds but are looking for answers to the yearning within every human heart: a connection with their Maker. The Kirkwoods landed in Gilbert, Arizona in August of 2019 to set down roots not just in the local Phoenix area but to reach the disconnected around the country from their internet ministry. We hope to inspire a new movement in every city that prioritizes a celebration of Jesus Christ the righteous, that offers resources to first understand and then reach out to those who've been harmed by the church. The Sparrow's Call is an Apologetics ministry for those who first may need to apologize for their indifference, a Christian ministry that seeks out our lost brother in the name of the father.

Our Mission


 The Sparrow’s Call is an outreach to what pollsters have come to call, "The Nones,""The Dones," and "The Searchers." "The Nones" are those who have no religious affiliation and don’t intend to anytime soon. They see Christianity as no different than any other religion, and all religion is for the weak, the superstitious, and, in many cases, the cruel. "The Dones" are those who have been beaten, battered, and bruised by faith and have walked away in disgust. They have weighed Christianity, found Christians wanting, and have washed their hands of the whole experience.  The Searchers are open to spirituality although they are not affiliated to any particular faith.  Our intent is to minister to these 3 groups, their loved ones, and pastors and churches who want to be aware of the unnecessary obstacles that both hurt and hinder an unobstructed view of Christ.


We are grateful to God for your decision to co-labor with The Sparrow's Call in our mission to bring hope to those who wander. The Sparrow's Call is a 501c3 ministry and your gifts are tax deductible. The Sparrow's Call: turning doubt into wonder!

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